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Photography Contract

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Thank you for booking your photography with Brittany Lindenbach Photography & CO.

Brittany Lindenbach Photography & CO. is referred to as THE PHOTOGRAPHER.   The individual(s) purchasing the service is referred to as THE CLIENT(s)

Shared Rights/Reproduction: 

THE PHOTOGRAPHER chooses which are the best suited images of both THE CLIENT(s) and reflection of THE PHOTOGRAPHERs work to polish and will provide to THE CLIENT(s) on ONE DISC. For any replacements or additional discs there is an additional service charge that will be applied above and beyond the quoted package price.

Brittany Lindenbach Photography & Co. is the owner of the images and may use any of the photos taken during the wedding session for promotional use. THE CLIENT(s) have full permission from THE PHOTOGRAPHER to reproduce the images that are provided to THE CLIENT(s) from Brittany Lindenbach. Written permission can be supplied upon request.


There is an additional charge for travel costs outside of Regina.  .45/km will be added above the session package.


THE PHOTOGRAPHER is not held responsible for any damage or theft of the equipment owned by THE PHOTOGRAPHER that may disrupt, corrupt or damage the images from the photo session. However THE PHOTOGRAPHER will reimburse 100%  of the negotiated package price back to THE CLIENT(s).

If THE PHOTOGRAPHER cannot attend the session due to natural causes, natural disaster or unforeseen events, I Brittany Lindenbach will give as much notice as possible to reschedule the photo session. If the photo session is cancelled by THE PHOTOGRAPHER, any deposits made prior to session will be reimbursed.

THE PHOTOGRAPHER is NOT held responsible for any injuries or damages to the CLIENT(s) during the session together.

Time Frame: 

If THE CLIENT(s) is late for the scheduled session appointment WITHOUT notice, THE PHOTOGRAPHER will NOT be held responsible for "the lack of images or the quality of images." THE PHOTOGRAPHER will NOT be entitled to photograph longer due to a start late of the session.

THE PHOTOGRAPHER can take a minimum of 2 weeks from the day of the session to have the polished images completed.


$100.00 (ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS) NON REFUNDABLE deposit must be made at the time of booking to reserve session date.  If the photo session needs to be rescheduled, the deposit will be held and used for future dated session.

Remainder of payment MUST be made at the time of the session date. Photos will NOT be given to THE CLIENT(s) without THE PHOTOGRAPHER receiving full payment. Any dishonoured cheques will be THE CLIENT(s) responsibility to reimburse THE PHOTOGRAPHER for any service fees charged by her financial institution.



OR mailed to: PO BOX 835 Balgonie, SK S0G 0E0

Email Transfers can be sent to: Cash also accepted.

There will be additional charges for additional polished images above the package price. THIS MUST BE A REQUEST PRIOR TO THE SESSION. (If you would like additional photos, please state on the line below of approximately how many additional polished images you are requesting above the regular package, THE PHOTOGRAPHER will communicate a quote upon request)..

Invoices given upon request.

More details to be discused with THE PHOTOGRAPHER.