Reflection 2016, Photography with Love

Reflection 2016, Photography with Love

As 2016 has come to a close, I reflect on one of the most intense and beautiful years I have ever experienced. As most of you know earlier in the year we welcomed our second child; daughter- Audra Hope. She came into this world in a heck of a hurry and has been fierce and sweet ever since. She has completed me in ways I didn’t know was void.

With that being said she and I are quite attached. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to have my children apart of my photography. Audra came with me on many of my sessions. I photographed over 80 sessions this year, many of them being in my yard. Yes it’s my year to be on maternity leave and I am a better mom for it. I have found my niche doing what I love. Getting out, being with people, planning and creating is where I need to be.

People. Give. Me. Energy!

This winter I chose to be a bit slower and have enjoyed each snowy day with my family!

In the midst of adding to our family we also are adding to our home. We started building onto our house early this summer and it is still ongoing. I will have a small studio space in our new addition. (Eek it’s been a long time coming and so excited for it to be open!) I upgraded my equipment during the very busy autumn season. I also have had the opportunity to meet new faces, travel for weddings and most importantly see my loyal clients again. THANK YOU! I’m also proud to say I’ve exceeded my wedding bookings for 2017.

Amongst this very intense year, I have learned the importance of being present. My husband and I took time out of the business August brings to both of us, and had our family photographed. (Thank you to Krystle Kim photography for capturing this precious time for both of us). It was fun and so glad we had them done to document our beautiful and extraordinary year.

Back to being present; I learned each session I am apart of has a story to document and ever so grateful to be doing what I do. I try my best to customize each session to you! As most would agree, I am in Love with love. Each wedding I am apart of seals the deal why I do what I do.

So what does 2017 have in store for me?

  • Operating out of my new space, both photographing and meeting with clients.
  • I have wonderful wedding bookings on the calendar.
  • 2 mini exclusive sessions in the works for spring and summer- stay tuned 😉
  • Upgrading some editing versions.
  • Small updates to my current website.
  • Moving to online galleries. Discs will still be available.
  • Since I have became a mom I have really focused on the beauty of photographing moms with their babes. I have such a strong connection in these sessions – more than ever. Thinking of offering “Mommy and Me” sessions.

Last but not least, continue to balance, something I strive to be better at. Motherhood continually teaches me to strategize each move. Each stage of my young family has me changing routines on a regular base, with each change I try my best to balance every day life. Photography has always been my outlet that helps me go to a place I can dream, imagine and create.

Because photos tend to tell a story, in a short review here are some of my sessions that kept me doing what I do; both personally and professionally.

Thank you for visiting & enjoy! xo

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